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9 Inevitable Reasons to Visit Sumba Immediately over Bali

9 Inevitable Reasons to Visit Sumba Immediately over Bali

Visit Sumba
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Indonesia has been a popular holiday destination for many years. But when people say they’re going to Indonesia, nine times out of ten they mean: Bali. Needless to say, there is much more to Indonesia than the popular Bali. Did you know that there are more than 1700 islands in Indonesia? One of the most important islands in Indonesia is Sumba. Most travelers have never heard of this gem, which is 2.5 times the size of Bali. This is changing because Sumba has a lot to offer. So why not visit Sumba?

A Brief Introduction to Sumba

Sumba is located in the easternmost part of the Lesser Sunda Islands in the province of East Nusa Tenggara. Sumba belongs to one of the three large islands of East Nusa Tenggara, the other two being Flores Island and Timor Island. Sumba consists of four parts: East Sumba, West Sumba, Central Sumba and Southwest Sumba. In recent years, there have been too many tourists who have chosen to visit Sumba over Bali and you should too. Here are 9 inevitable reasons why visit Sumba is a better destination than Bali.

1. A Low Profile Holiday Island

Before tourism changed everything, Bali looked similar to Sumba today 50 years ago. Many cultures and traditions. Much of it is gone. Not in Sumba. This unique island clings to its traditional culture and ancient history. It has well preserved its culture, places, mountains, islands, traditions and roots.

Sumba used to be one of the poorest islands in Indonesia, but international tourists and travelers began to take up the challenge and visit Sumba to explore the vast natural landscapes that have remained untouched, undisturbed and unaltered by development. Bali is a high profile island that is always lively. But Sumba is a low-profile island that happened to become one of Indonesia’s top tourist destinations. Sumba’s little fame has kept its naturalness intact and in its most authentic form.

2. Isolating Silence

Bali is an international tourist destination where many foreigners arrive every season with great hope and excitement. It is currently one of the most crowded tourist destinations. If you want to experience secluded tranquility and the time of your life, you must visit Sumba. It is twice the size of Bali, but includes only 1/4 of Bali’s population and less than 1 percent of its tourists. Imagine the excitement of your peers, family and friends and the prospect of visiting a place you’ve never been before.

3. Traditional Villages

Visit Sumba in Ratenggaro Village (Waturandatrip.com)
Fig. 1. Ratenggaro Village

Before the emerging leeches could overwhelm the beautiful greenery of Kampung Ratenggaro village, the people of Sumba were able to save this traditional village for tourists. Ratenggaro village tops the list of tourist places when visit Sumba. It is located in Kodi (Umbu Ngedo village), about 50 kilometers from Tambolaka. The vendors are more than willing to sell strange instruments, boxes and sculptures for you to look at.

4. Cliffs with Unique and Amazing Formations

At Watu Maladong Beach, you will find amazing rock formations perched high in the middle of the sea when you visit Sumba. You can swim under a huge rock and look at the rock in awe. Something you can’t do in Bali. This beach is a group of giant stones, large and tall stones that decorate the beach on the outskirts of the city. Here you can try rock climbing. A giant rock on the coast represents a traditional Sumba house. The sand on this beach is grey-brown and you don’t have to worry about wearing shoes while walking on the sand.

5. Crystal Clear Water

Visit Sumba in Walakiri Beach (Waturandatrip.com)
Fig. 2. Walakiri Beach

When you visit Sumba, you will find many beaches whose crystal clear water. Walakiri Beach has a sloping contour where you can walk to the middle of the beach without fear of drowning. Tarimbang beach has clear bluish sea water. Mbawana beach also known as Bannu beach has a tall rock hole in the middle where you can click pictures. It has white sand that accentuates its beauty. Londa Lima beach has shady trees that add beauty to the calm sea water. If you’ve ever been to Bali, you know you won’t find these amazing beaches there.

 6. Traditional Sumbanese Festivals 

If you are a horse rider and love to watch horse races, you cannot miss the Sumba Sandalwood Horses Festival when you visit Sumba. It is striking. Sumba festivals are dedicated to Sumba rather than Bali. All the horses are decorated with unique shiny accessories and the riders are dressed in the traditional costumes of the island. They compete before a jury. Judges must evaluate the criteria of beauty, performance and horse handling. Here is another unique reason to visit Sumba instead of Bali.

7. Sleeping Giant: Raksasa Tidur Wairinding Hill 

Visit Sumba in Wairinding Hills
Fig. 3. Wairinding Hill

You can also find the Raksasa Tidur when you visit Sumba. Raksasa means “giant” and Tidur means “sleep”. So for tourists, this is Sleeping Giant Hill. Once, this popular, charming star was an actor in “Pendekar Tongkat Emas” directed by Mira Lesmana of “Kuldesak” fame. Wairinding Hill is located near the town of Waingapu. It has a touching appearance due to its double face. In the rainy season this very green (succulent grass) looks like the green seen in New Zealand and in the dry season it turns very brown like the hills of Africa.

8. Tanjung Mareha 

Visit Sumba in Tanjung Mareha (Waturanda Trip)
Fig. 4. Visit Sumba in Tanjung Mareha

Those who wish to visit paradise on earth should travel to Sumba as it is an unspoiled and unspoiled Indonesian paradise. This place is famous for its sunset. Tourists love to click pictures and enjoy the sunset there after a great day exploring other parts of Sumba. Tanjung Mareha is a small hill in the southern part of Sumba Island that merges with the Indonesian Ocean. It is surrounded by two iconic Indonesian beach spots on both the left and right sides. On the left is Watu Maladong Beach and on the right is Mbawana Beach.

9. Laiwang Wanggamet National Park 

This national park  on the Indonesian island of Sumba is home to some rarer species. Species such as Sumba Green Pigeon, Red-crested Fruit Pigeon, Red Junglefowl, Purple-necked Bird, Water Gauge, Crab-eating Macaque, Sumba Helmet Bird and Apricot Breast. More than 80 species of birds, 5 species of mammals, 40 species of butterflies, 20 species of reptiles and 170 species of trees and much more. It is  home to three major waterfalls such as  Lapopu, Matayangu and  Laputi.

These are just 9 reasons to visit Sumba over Bali, but there are many more. Find out the other 90 reasons for yourself and enjoy the authenticity of Sumba on your next vacation. Besides, there is nothing wrong with Bali, the two islands can be easily combined during the trip. Daily flights from Bali to Sumba and back.

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