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Delicious Flores Treats

6 Delicious Traditional Flores Treats

6 Delicious Traditional Flores Treats

Delicious Flores Treats
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Long overshadowed by its better-known neighbor Bali,  Flores is emerging as a unique destination in its own right. The island of Flores in East Nusa Tenggara is blessed with Komodo Dragon’s Nest, the starting point for adventures on Komodo Island. In addition to this popular attractions, there is another aspect of Flores that deserves more attention. They are traditional Flores treats.

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A treasure trove of wonders such as the Tricolor Lakes of Mount Kelimutu, the Bua Caves of Liang Ruins and traditional villages such as Bena and Compang Ruteng. With more than 50 excellent dive sites, Flores Island is a paradise for divers and underwater enthusiasts. The island is also surrounded by beautiful beaches with soft, pearly white sand. The island also has a variety of delicious traditional dishes, snacks and delicious beverages to round out the whole adventure.

Here are some delicious traditional Flores treats (foods and drinks). 

1. Ubi Nuabosi

Ubi Nuabosi (Traditional Flores Treats)
Fig 1. Ubi Nuabosi (source: merahputih.com)

One of the traditional Flores treats is Ubi Nuabosi. It is a very popular sweet potato variety on Flores. Sweet potatoes are processed in various ways. It can be boiled, fried or roasted.  Flores residents typically serve these along with salted dried  fish and other dishes. The ubi nuabosi here is a source of carbohydrates and an alternative to rice.  

2. Jawada

Jawada (Traditional Flores Treats)
Fig. 2. Jawada (source: kecipir.com)

Secondly, Jawada is one of traditional Flores treats whose sweet snack shaped like a beautiful golden triangle. Jawada is made of thin noodles similar to vermicelli and is also called “hair biscuit” because it resembles curly hair. Jawada is made from palm sugar, salt, coconut milk, and rice flour. Press the dough into the tiny holes in the coconut shell to create a fine, hair-like shape. The dough is then fried to keep it crispy.

3. Catemak Jagung

Catemak Jagung (Traditional Flores Treats)
Fig 3. Catemak Jagung (source: idntimes.com)

Catemak Jagung or Corn Katemak is a very popular dessert in Flores and East Nusa Tenggara. As one of traditional Flores treats, it is a very healthy dish made with corn, peanuts, green beans and pumpkin. Catemak Jagung is known as a dessert eaten after the main course, but it is not a dessert but a savory dish.

4. Tapa Kolo 

Tapa Kolo (Traditional Flores Treats)
Fig. 4. Tapa Kolo (source: suarawajarfm.com)

Literally translated, ‘tapa’ means roasted or grilled and ‘koro’ means rice in bamboo. Simply put, tapa kolo is rice that is cooked in a small bamboo bowl over an open fire. It is one of special Flores treats whose commonly served during traditional ceremonies, ceremonies, and other occasions. The rice at tapa kolo is not just regular rice, but a special type of red rice that the locals call “Deal aka”. Tapa kolo is usually served with chicken, pork, or other meat.

5. Se’i 

Se'i Sapi (Traditional Flores Treats)
Fig. 5. Se’i Sapi (source: Kompas.com)

For meat lovers, sei is one of perfect Flores treats. Se’i is a traditional smoked meat from the island of Flores. Se’i is usually made with beef or pork, but can also be made with fish. To prepare the Se’i, place it over an open flame relatively higher than you would grill the meat. In this method the meat is cooked by hot smoke rather than flames. Because of this, it takes longer to prepare the sei than it does to grill the meat. Locals usually slice the freshly smoked meat and eat it immediately or mix it with various vegetables and cook it again.

6. Moke Drinks  

Moke Drinks (Traditional Flores Treats)
Fig. 6. Moke Drinks (source: Kompas.com)

The last one of traditional Flores treats is moke drinks, considered by Flores residents to be a symbol of friendship and hospitality. This drink is made from palm nectar that is distilled and processed using traditional techniques. There are two types of moke namely white moke and black moke. White Moke is made from the nectar of the draft palm, while  Black Moke is made by further distilling White Moke to increase its alcohol content and turn it into a liqueur, a specialty of Flores.

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