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Tanau Hills

Discover the Stunning Charm of Tanau Hills in 2023

Discover the Stunning Charm of Tanau Hills in 2023

Tanau Hills
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If you’re in the city of Waingapu, don’t forget to visit Tanau Hills. The hills covered in the savannah are an favorite tourist destination of the Eastern Sumba that has not been visited too much.

Tanau Hills are located in the village of Tanau, Kelurahan Mauliru, Kambera district, East Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara. The location is about 15 kilometers from the city of Waingapu, with a travel time of about 20-30 minutes. It’s still near with the Lambanapu cultural site.

Tanau hills are a place worth visiting not only because of its stunning charm, but also because its location is not too far from the city of Waingapu. Even the location is said to be closer compared to other tourist destinations in the city, such as Walakiri Beach, Mount Warinding or Tanggedu Falls.

This one offers a view of the hillside, which is similar to Warinding Hill or Lendongara Hill. The main attraction of Tanau Hills lies in the Instagramable photo background and its calming atmosphere.

1. The Grass in the Hills

Tanau Hills
Fig. 1. Grass in the Hills (source: promediateknologi.id)

The main attraction of Tanau Hills is its endless hills, reminding us of Teletubbies, in a steeper version. In the rainy season we will see a hill covered with green lawns that cool the eye. Blended with the bright blue sky of Sumba, it presents a refreshing sight.

The hills landscape is different from the two hills in Sumba, such as LDR Hill in Southwest Sumba and Cendana Hills in Central Sumba.

Not to mention, in the rainy season we will see gold-yellow grass. In this season, the view of Tanau hills becomes more fantastic if combined with the sunshine in the morning or in the afternoon.

The view presented is complete. Besides the hillside of Teletubbies hills, there are also swamps, rivers and the sea visible from above. Even the plane is clearly visible when it’s about to land.

2. Enjoy The Sunrise

Tanau Hills Sunrise
Fig. 2. Sunrise in Tanau Hills (source: locationscout.net)

Tanau Hills are said to be the best sunrise spot on Sumba Island. Here we can see the sun rise openly, especially if we are lucky enough to come when the weather is bright.

To get the best view, it’s best for tourists to come at least five in the morning. Visitors will find the sun with golden rays rising from the east horizon, with clear sky and air.

3. A place to Find Peace

Tanau Hills
Fig. 3. Finding peace in Tanau Hills (source: Trip Advisor)

This spacious view of Tanau Hills helps us to reorganize our minds, who are accustomed to the agitation of the urban density. Visitors can sit on the outskirts of the hill, chatting with friends. Visitors can also enjoy the supplies brought, but don’t forget to bring back the garbage yes.

4. Hunting the Epic Photo

Tanau Hills Epic Photo
Fig. 4. Epic photo in Tanau Hills (source: Trip Advisor)

Actually, it’s not that hard to get a good picture with the backdrop of Tanau Hills. Most of the tourists here take pictures with poses rejecting their photographers to get a magical impression, or take photos with horses belonging to locals. Photographing in the typical fabric of Sumba is also a lot done, really a statement that you’re in Sumba.

The best time to get an aesthetic photo is in the morning to get a golden hour. If you have more budget, it would be better if you could take pictures using a drone here. With drones, the coverage of photos and videos generated can be wider and more aesthetic.

How to Access Location

The path to this location is still quite limited. Therefore, it’s good if tourists ask locals a lot so they don’t get lost. Public transportation to this hill is not available, so the choice is to ride an ojek or rent a private vehicle, it can be a motorcycle or a car.

Overall, the road route to Tanau Hills is as follows:

From Waingapu City, tourists can drive to the Kambaniru Bridge. When you find a crossroads, turn right, and if you’re straight, we’re heading toward the airport.

Then at the next intersection, turn left. Not far from there, tourists will already find the landscape of the citizens. Visitors can continue their journey by asking the locals for directions. Not far away, tourists can already discover Tanau Hills that captivate the eye.

If you want, you can take open trip or private trip of Waturanda Trip to Tanau Hills. There is promo for the trip. You will get many facilities from us which is very unfortunate if missed.

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