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Prai Ijing Village

Introducing Prai Ijing Village, Phenomenal Sumba Destinations in 2023

Introducing Prai Ijing Village, Phenomenal Sumba Destinations in 2023

Prai Ijing Village
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Sumba Island has many traditional villages with unique traditional houses and different histories. One of them is Prai Ijing village.

The uniqueness of this traditional Sumba house in Prai Ijing village attracts many tourists. It’s no wonder traditional Sumba homes, such as the traditional Sumba home, Prai Ijing, are well known to local and foreign tourists alike. This traditional house in Prai Ijing village, Sumba, is one of many tourist attractions steeped in local cultural values and has long existed to preserve local traditions.


Located in West Sumba Regency, East Nusa Tenggara, this traditional village is an area designated as a tourist destination by the West Sumba Regency government. The characteristics of Prai Ijing village is it has long, narrow, and fairly wide street that runs through the middle of the street, and on both sides of it are rows of very unique traditional houses.

The Uniqueness

Fig. 1. The uniqueness of Prai Ijing Traditional House (source: HolidayAyo.com)

Visiting traditional houses in Prai Ijing Village allows tourists to get to know the customs, habits, and characteristics of the Sumba people better. Like a traditional Sumba house called Uma Bokulu in Prai Ijing village.

Uma Bokulu means big house, and there is also the word Uma Batangu, which means tower house. These traditional houses are very tall, up to 30 meters high. The shape of Prai Ijing Sumba Traditional House is the most attractive attraction for all visitors. It has uniform shape, but different height.

Sumba’s traditional Uma Bokulu and Uma Batangu houses usually stand around stone tombs from the Megalithic Age. This attitude is still gaining tremendous trust from the surrounding area. And the houses of Uma Bokulu and Uma Batangu are still alive with the philosophy of traditional Prai Ijing village people, including towering roofs full of history and philosophy.

Upon closer inspection, this traditional Sumba house takes the form of a house on stilts, the outside of which is covered with red foliage and divided into three main parts. The lower floor is called Lei Bangun and is usually used for raising livestock. Lei Bangun epitomizes that spirit. And the middle one is called Rongu Uma, a long horse and is always used for human and domestic activities. The long horse symbolizes everlasting human life. Finally, there is the top floor, called Uma Daluku. This place is intended as a place to store groceries and heirloom tools. Uma Daluku is a symbol of ancestors.

The central courtyard is dotted with menhir stones, often used for religious ceremonies and tombstones. In addition, there is a water buffalo head bone in front of the old folk house. The Buffalo Skull has a philosophical value that reminds us of death and should touch everyone’s heart. Today, there are about 30 traditional houses in Prai Ijing. The authentic traditional houses are made of wood and stood for hundreds of years.

The Local Wisdom

The presence of Prai Ijing’s traditional houses is already ready to receive many tourists. This is evidenced by the availability of well-managed parking lots. Well, travelers have to walk about 5 more minutes from the car park to the village grounds. The village is on a hill, so the road is a bit uphill, but this excursion is still comfortable and easy to follow for all ages.

The main course at Prai Ijing Sumba Traditional House is cultural tourism cuisine. Upon arrival, visitors are greeted with unique Sumba dances such as Kataga dance, Pajura dance, and Woleka dance. Afterwards, tourists quickly left to feel the hospitality of the local community.

The area of Prai Ijing Sumba Traditional Houses is home to his seven kabisu or Sumba clans: Wola Bawa, Wola Deta, Katoda Doungu, We’e Yewa, Tanabi, We’e Lewa and Wola. The leader or elder, i.e., the traditional queen of the traditional house of Prai Ijing Sumba, is called Katoda Watu.

The Beautiful Scenery

Prai Ijing Village
Fig. 2. The uniqueness of Prai Ijing Traditional House

Prai Ijing Traditional House is still surrounded by beautiful natural scenery, and the area is dominated by paddy fields. And this traditional residential neighbourhood is located on Prai Ijing Hill. From the top of the hill, you can enjoy the view of West Sumba’s capital city.

There are viewing terraces or vantage points on high points from which travelers can take pictures of the beauty of the village. This place is spreading rapidly and has become a destination for tourists visiting the village and always taking pictures here.
A cultural tourist destination, Prai Ijing Traditional House is located in Tebara Village, Waikabubak District, West Sumba Regency, East Nusa Tenggara.
The access to the Prai Ijing Village is good, strategically located, and well signposted.

Ways to Get There

The traditional village of Prai Ijing is about 3 kilometers from Waikabubak and can be reached in just 10 minutes by car. However, from Tambolaka Airport, it takes about 1 hour as the distance is 43 kilometers.

If you are not traveling in a group, you can take a open trip of Waturanda Trip to Prai Ijing Village. There is promo for open trip Sumba starting from IDR 2,900,000 / Pax. You will get many facilities from us which is very unfortunate if missed.

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