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Puru Kambera Savannah

Puru Kambera Savannah, Sumba’s Natural Orchestra in 2023

Puru Kambera Savannah, Sumba’s Natural Orchestra in 2023

Puru Kambera Savannah
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The most famous savannah, or grassland, in East Sumba district in East Nusa Tenggara province is Puru Kambera Savannah. East Sumba district in East Nusa Tenggara province has been known for horse breeding and trading since the 19th century because of the very favorable natural conditions for the preservation of these horses. Although the wet season is relatively short compared to the dry season, which lasts up to eight months, the East Sumba Regency has a very wide savannah.

What’s so special about Puru Kambera Savannah?

So here is the review we put together for you.

Location of Puru Kambera Savannah

Puru Kambera Savannah is located in Mondu, Kanatang, East Sumba Regency, and East Nusa Tenggara. This natural attraction is located about 25 kilometers from the city of Waingapu. In fact, Puru Kambera’s main tourist attraction is its beach. This beach is very wide with very fine white sand. The distance from the beach to Puru Kambera Savannah is about 2–3 km.

East Nusa Tenggara, the beauty and magic of Savana Puru Kambera

1.    Vast Grasslands

Puru Kambera Savannah
Fig. 1. Vast grassland (source: freepik.com)

Puru Kambera Savannah’s first attraction is its vast grasslands, or savannah. Slightly brown grass and large trees create an exotic panorama. Visitors can feel as if they are on the African continent, walking on paved roads in the middle of a car-free savannah, adding to the ambiance of a stage often seen on Hollywood television.

Even if you’re not a trusted photographer, there’s no reason to doubt the results of your camera’s photos, but the surrounding natural scenery will help you contemplate the beauty in comfort. The beautiful of Puru Kambera Savannah was once used as a concert venue for some of Indonesia’s most famous bands. The concert in the vast and beautiful Savannah was exceptional.

2.   Wild horses typical of Sumba

Puru Kambera Savannah
Fig. 2. Sandel Horse in Savannah (source: jakpost.com)

In the dry season, you can see a panorama of wild horse herds at Puru Kambera Savannah. Because horses make the savannah a foraging ground. Puru Kambera Savannah Typical East Sumba horses are called Sandel horses. It is a hybrid between a native horse and an Arabian. And the sandal horse is the mascot of the East Sumba people’s pride.

At certain times, Sandewood Horse’s parade is held at the savannah. A festival that presents a local horse parade that blends with the typical culture of the Sumba people Nothing is half done. The parade was attended by 1001 riders and 1001 horses. Horsemen must wear traditional clothing and Puru Kambera Savannah is the main arena for the Sandewood Horse’s parade. However, if you want to watch the event, you should know the schedule in advance.

3.  Puru Kambera Beach

Puru Kambera Savannah
Fig. 3. Puru Kambera Beach (source: lh5.googleusercontent.com)

Next to the beauty of Puru Kambera is the presence of a beautiful beach. The water is bluish and clean, and the ecosystem is preserved. The name of the beach is Puru Kambera Beach, and it is located at the edge of Puru Kambera Savannah. This is a natural orchestra in the region of East Sumba. Puru Kambera Beach is pure and natural cuisine, far from ignorant hands. There are still many points to be filled in, mainly in terms of equipment.

Ways to Get There

To get to Savana Puru Kambera, you need to drive about 1 hour from Waingapu town by private or rental car. This is because there is no public transportation to this location. Although the journey is quite long, the natural beauty of this tourist region will give visitors an unforgettable experience.

Hours of Operation

Opening and closing times for each attraction vary. The same goes for East Sumbari Gency destinations. Savana Puru Kambera is his 24-hour business.


In general, admission fees for tourist attractions are different on holidays, Sundays, and weekdays. But that is not the case with Savana Puru Kambera. Admission to Savana Puru Kambera on weekdays is IDR 15,000.00.

If you want, you can take private trip of Waturanda Trip to Puru Kambera Savannah. There is promo for the trip. You will get many facilities from us which is very unfortunate if missed.

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