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Taka Makassar (Waturandatrip.com)

Taka Makassar Island, Beauty Paradise for Underwater Nature Lovers in 2023

Taka Makassar Island, Beauty Paradise for Underwater Nature Lovers in 2023

Taka Makassar (Waturandatrip.com)
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Taka Makassar Island is a small and beautiful island in the Komodo National Park area of ​​Flores Island, Indonesia.

Taka is often referred to by tourists as the ‘Indonesian Maldives’ due to its crescent-shaped pink sand surrounded by shallow turquoise waters smaller than a football field. This beach has great views from land and above.

It is called Taka Makassar, derived from “Taka” and “Makassar” which means flat, from the birthplace of Bugis who discovered this small island.

Thinking of a vacation in Taka Makassar or Labuan Bajo? There are a few things you should know to make your visit to this enchanting island more memorable.

Taka Makassar is a small island in the middle of the ocean near Labuan Bajo in Flores, Indonesia. The exact location is in the northeastern part of Komodo Island, near Manta Point, a manta snorkeling site. The unusual shape and size of the crescent moon will surely captivate you with its beauty, which can only be seen at low tide.

How to Get to Taka Makassar

To get there, you must first go to Labuan Bajo as a starting point. Labuan Bajo is a small tourist town on Flores Island, East Nusa Tenggara. Multiple flights from all major airports across Indonesia including Bali, Lombok, Jakarta, Surabaya, Makassar and Kupang airports.

Upon arrival at Bajo, you can continue your journey by boat to Taka Island in Makassar. It’s not difficult to find a tour operator, such as Waturanda Trip, that will take you to the island.

Waturanda Trip will provide you Phinisi boat to the sea. This is because if a large vessel gets too close to Taka Makassar Island, it can dislodge and damage the reef.

The Best Time to Travel

The best time to vacation on the island is between April and September, which presents the best and most ideal weather conditions. On the other hand, July and August are the hottest months and the busiest for tourists. Therefore, if you want a quieter time when there are not many tourists, avoid visiting Taka Makassar in months like March to June.

The island also appears at low tide, so visiting the island at low tide will give you the best experience.
Seawater also typically recedes during the day. Instead, when the tide rises, this island is submerged under water.

Taka Island, The Charm of Makassar

Taka Makassar is a unique little island full of charm. Attractions like this are hard to find anywhere else in Indonesia.

Here are some interesting facts about Taka Makassar Labuan Bajo:

1. Coral Reef Cluster

Uniquely shaped like the number 9 or a crescent moon, it is not only surrounded by weeds and clear blue water, but also offers a fascinating underwater panorama of its surroundings.

This attraction comes from its coral reef clusters, which are a paradise for a wide variety of marine life. Anemones, microbes, crabs, and other small fish also live on the island’s seabed, which consists of dead coral. Also, the coral reefs here have been uninterruptedly preserved to this day.

2. Located in Komodo National Park Area

The two largest islands near Komodo National Park are home to NTT’s endemic animals, the world of Komodo dragons. By visiting and behaving appropriately in this area, you are also sustaining sustainability and promoting tourism in Indonesia.

3. Known as the “Emerging Land” or “Land That Emerges”

Taka Makassar (Waturandatrip.com)
Fig. 1. Taka Makassar (source: Jonny Melon)

Another unique feature of this tour is the island shape that emerges due to its low-lying location that is only visible when the sea recedes.

This high-altitude island is covered with fine white sand. Of course, it is primarily an attraction for tourists who like soft sandy beaches.

4. Great for Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

This water sport is actually the most popular among adrenaline enthusiasts when it comes to playing with manta rays and other aquatic ecosystems.

Snorkeling and scuba diving are reasons to visit Taka Makassar Labuan Bajo Tours as well as manta rays and kites. The underwater world of this island is very interesting. You can see various coral reefs from hard coral to soft coral.

You are also swimming surrounded by small fish. Tour operators (for example Waturanda Trip), of course, provides rental masks, fins, buoys and gas cylinders to complete the wetsuits and bathing suits for tourists.

5. Manta Point

Manta Rays at Manta Point Labuan Bajo
Fig. 2. Manta Point Near Taka Makassar

As well as the coral reefs, the calm waters around Taka Makassar Island are popular manta habitats.

So there is also a special snorkeling and diving spot here called Manta Point. At this dive site, you can meet and interact with manta rays, the largest ray species, which can grow up to two meters long.

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6. The water is Calm and Shallow

The sea around Island is calm and shallow, allowing tourists to play and swim freely in the sand and water.

In addition, the sea water is very clear and bright Tosca color, allowing tourists to feel at home and enjoy the freshness of the water.

7. Cool Photo Spots

Visiting Taka Makassar is not complete without photo hunting. This island, which appears only occasionally, is too expensive to miss without immortalization. A shot of blue gradient sea water mixed with pink and white sand is sure to make it even cooler.

The island is frequented by amateur and professional photographers looking to satisfy their photography cravings and improve their photography skills.

So, after reading this, have you decided to start your journey to discover Taka Makassar Island and meet the paradise above? If you haven’t you should definitely consider it, because we promise you it won’t disappoint you!

If you wanna immediately live on board in Labuan Bajo, you can choose our best services here!

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