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Tanjung Mareha (Waturanda Trip)

Tanjung Mareha, where You Can Enjoy The Beauty of 2 Beaches at once

Tanjung Mareha, where You Can Enjoy The Beauty of 2 Beaches at once

Tanjung Mareha (Waturanda Trip)
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Tanjung Mareha is located on Sumba Island, more precisely in East Nusa Tenggara Province, South West Sumba District, Kodi Banged District, and Panengo Ede Village. This beautiful cape is located about 50 kilometers from Tambolaka.

The cape is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the area. This is because the natural scenery is very attractive, and most importantly, most beach locations are accessible by any kind of vehicle. As the times change, tourist attractions are required to be located in places that provide a cool view and background against the backdrop of demand for social media. Located in the southwestern part of Sumba Regency, there is a place where you can enjoy the beauty of two beaches at the same time. The name of the place, or tourist destination, is Tanjung Mareha.

A cape is a piece of land that protrudes into the sea. Tanjung Mareha will be more than just a land; it will be a natural place with a vast expanse of ocean as far as the eye can see.

The Charm of Tanjung Mareha

What are the main attractions of Tanjung Mareha? For those who don’t know, let’s check this out:

1. It Feels Like You’re on a Giant Ship

Tanjung Mareha (Waturanda Trip)
Fig. 1. Giant Ship from above of Tanjung Mareha (source: nativeindonesia.com)

Tanjung Mareha is a very high land that juts out into the open sea like a crag. It looks normal from below, but when you step on top of Tanjung Mareha, the cloak feels very spacious.

Travelers will notice that this place is covered with green grass if seen from above. And when you reach the terminus of Tanjung Mareha, it feels like you’re on a giant ship.

However, please note that there are no anti-collision or safety fences at this location. Therefore, visitors should always be careful. Don’t just focus on content. Ignore safety aspects. Most importantly, visitors should maintain focus and avoid getting too close to the edge of the cape.

2. A Place where You Can Enjoy the Beauty of 2 Beaches at the Same Time

Tanjung Mareha (Waturanda Trip)
Fig. 2. Enjoying beauty of 2 beaches (source: nativeindonesia.com)

Most of the capes are only in coastal areas. However, unlike Tanjung Mareha, at this tourist attraction, he can enjoy two beaches at the same time. A place where you can enjoy the beauty of two beaches at the same time.

The beaches between Tanjung Maleha are Maladong Beach and Mbawana Beach. The two beaches have some very nice natural attractions, especially when you enjoy this beauty from above.

3. A Place to Enjoy the Sunrise and Sunset

Similarly, the phenomena of sunrise and sunset can usually be enjoyed by him alone. However, in Tanjung Mareha, travelers can enjoy the sunrise and sunset.

Of course, at the same time, it is impossible. Indeed, you can enjoy the two natural processes from the same place. As such, Tanjung Mareha’s greatest attraction is the combination of two natural phenomena and two beautiful beaches in one place. Overview of his two beaches in Tanjung Mareha

1. Maladong Beach

Pantai-Maladong (Tanjung Mareha)
Fig. 3. Maladong beach near the cape (source: nativeindonesia.com)

Maladong Beach is a beach attraction that is very famous for its sheer cliffs and boulder views. What makes it unique is that it has four pillar rocks that resemble the traditional houses of the local community and the traditional houses of Sumba Island.

2. Mbawana Beach

Mbawana Beach near Tanjung Mareha (Waturandatrip.com)
Fig. 4. Mbawana beach near the cape

Mbawana Beach is synonymous with the existence of Batu Bolong, also known as Batu Ring. Even its icon is already known abroad. Unfortunately, the icons are broken. This is believed to have been caused by an earthquake that struck Sumba and its surrounding areas.

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Another Name for Tanjung Mareha

The author frequently expresses that most tourist destinations in Indonesia actually have different names. So is Tanjung Mareha. Another name for it is Tanjung Radar. It refers to the radar of the Indonesian Air Force (TNI AU).

Ways to Get There

Sumba itself has two airports. Tambolaka in West Sumba and Mehang Kunda in East Sumba. In addition, Sumba is also accessible from ports connecting Sumba with other islands such as Sumbawa, Flores, and the Timor Islands.

The cape is a 2-hour drive from the airport. Arriving there, visitors will be mesmerized by the views of the hills overlooking the blue sea. Tanjung Beach is just as beautiful as Kelingking Beach on Nusa Penida.

Opening Hours, Ticket, and Facilities

Tanjung Mareha does not have official opening hours. Therefore, the visitor can practically enjoy the beauty of this place 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Admission is free for visitors who come to appreciate the beauty of Tanjung Mareha.

Unfortunately, the facilities are not yet complete. Nevertheless, the pristine face of the cape is the main attraction of this tourist attraction.

Comfort and safety are key points when traveling. And garbage is the common enemy of any tourist destination. Because, in fact, “your garbage is your sin”.

If you are not traveling in a group, you can take a open trip of Waturanda Trip to Tanjung Mareha. There is promo for open trip Sumba starting from IDR 2,900,000 / Pax. You will get many facilities from us which is very unfortunate if missed.

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