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Visit Sumba in Walakiri Beach (Waturandatrip.com)

Feel The Amazing of Walakiri Beach, East Sumba Regency, East Nusa Tenggara in 2023

Feel The Amazing of Walakiri Beach, East Sumba Regency, East Nusa Tenggara in 2023

Visit Sumba in Walakiri Beach (Waturandatrip.com)
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When you think of East Nusa Tenggara, you probably think of beautiful beaches. This includes Walakiri Beach in East Sumba Regency.

Walakiri Beach is one of the many beautiful beaches in East Sumba, with a fairly quiet white sand beach. Walakiri has distinctive white-sand mangroves adorned with coconut trees, providing shade and a cozy atmosphere as visitors stroll the beach.

The site is located in Watumbaka village and belongs to Pandawai subdistrict. This Indonesian beach is famous for its delightful sunsets and gentle nuances. That explains why locals regularly come to the site to hang out in the afternoon. They also want to participate in other activities such as photo shoots, beach walks, and relaxation. It’s also close to the village, so it’s also attractive that the villagers can go swimming casually.

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The Shade

One of the most beautiful beaches in East Sumba Regency is worth a visit when you are in Indonesia. The waves are gentle, and the coastline has gorgeous white-sand beaches. It also has characteristics suitable for water sports.

Perhaps, the most distinctive feature is the presence of mangroves along the coast. Walakiri Beach is also a great destination to wait for the sunset, while the dwarf mangroves grow along the shore edge. These plants make the beach more beautiful and unique, and they are great for photography.

At first glance, when the water level is high, you can’t beat Walakiri Beach, but wait for the water level to drop a bit. Mangrove trees silhouettes swaying like dancers make sunsets on Walakiri Beach a unique phenomenon and something enjoyable to look at. The combination of the sunset, the color of the twilight sky, and the silhouette of the mangroves is artistic and photogenic from any angle.

Walakiri Beach (Waturandatrip.com)
Fig. 1. Perfect Mangrove Silhouette when Sunset in Walakiri Beach

The Popularity of Walakiri Beach

One of the main factors that makes Walakiri Beach famous is the movie of Pendekar Tongkat Mas. After all, the movie used this beach as one of its backdrops. The next attraction is its beauty. This is because, as mentioned above, the beach has great features.

First of all, it is white sand, where tourists can walk comfortably without shoes. The next surprising feature is the presence of mangroves scattered along the coast. Tourists should not miss the opportunity to photograph these objects at this time of year, as they look spectacular at sunset.

Let’s talk again about the sands of Walakiri Beach. In fact, it consists of two different textures sand on the beach and sand in the receding part of the sea. The first is ordinary beach sand in exotic colors made of ivory grains. The other looks like a cement mixture (formed by the collision with seawater) and hardens, and also the unique part is that tourists can clearly see the clear boundary between these two of them. This uniqueness will definitely be the subject of another picture.

Besides, Walakiri Beach is rarely seen by swimmers. Conversely, it gets crowded in the evening and at sunset. The combination of the exotic orange sky and the calming atmosphere of the sea will make everyone feel at home. But that doesn’t mean people only visit the beach in the afternoon. A visit to the beach at lunchtime is also recommended. You can enjoy the relaxed nuances of the place, especially with the shade provided by the lush coconut palms near the coast.

Ways to Get There

From Kupang City, fly from El Tari International Airport to Umb Mehan Kunda Airport in Waingapu City. Flight time is about 30 minutes. Once there, tourists can take local transportation to reach the Pandawai subdistrict in no time. Another thing you have to do is reach Watumbaka village, where the beach is located. The distance is actually 17 kilometers, so this trip takes about 21 minutes.

If you are not traveling in a group, you can take our service to Walakiri Beach. There is promo for open trip Sumba starting from IDR 2,900,000 / Pax. You will get many facilities from us which is very unfortunate if missed.

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