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Lapopu Waterfall (Waturandatrip.com)

The Beauty of Lapopu Waterfall in 2023, Sumba’s Highest Waterfall

The Beauty of Lapopu Waterfall in 2023, Sumba’s Highest Waterfall

Lapopu Waterfall (Waturandatrip.com)
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Holidays are the most anticipated moments for everyone. Especially if you decide to spend your vacation in the great outdoors. You will have an unforgettable moment. One of the natural vacation spots you can visit is Lapopu Waterfall on Sumba Island, Indonesia.

Indonesia is rich in natural shades for both land and sea tourism object. Let’s take a look at the description of the waterfall mentioned in this article. Don’t miss anything, okay?

Discovering Lapopu Waterfall

Lapopu waterfall is located in Wanokaka District, Hatikuloku Village, Sumba Island, and West Sumba Regency. Lapopu waterfall is considered a regional symbol and tourism mascot for West Sunda. In fact, the waterfall has been come to see by some Indonesian artists namely Donna Agnesia, Nagita Slavina, and Rafi Ahmad.

A visit to Sumba is incomplete without visiting Lapopu waterfall because the beauty of this waterfall is very difficult to ignore. In fact, it is also the highest waterfall on Sumba Island.

Like other places that use waterfalls for public benefit purposes, Lapopu waterfall is being used as a hydroelectric generator, the output of which can be used to meet the power demand around it.

Lapopu Waterfall (Waturandatrip.com)
Fig. 1. The highest waterfall on Sumba Island

Lapopu waterfall is 90 meters high and is still very beautiful, with steps leading to the basin. There are many stones around the waterfall, so it is a little slippery. The waterfall is a must tourism object for foreigners coming to Sumba. In fact, guests of Nihiwatu, the world’s best hotel, also visit this waterfall. Tourists can swim here while enjoying the shade and beautiful natural atmosphere.

The uniqueness and pristine nature of Lapopu waterfall attract tourists who want to enjoy the beautiful natural atmosphere of this waterfall and its surroundings in the wilderness of Sumba Island.

Lapopu Waterfall (Waturandatrip.com)
Fig. 2. The uniqueness and pristine nature of Lapopu waterfall

The local government plans to implement an ecological and culturally based tourism development program in the MetaLawa National Park area of Sumba. He said the development of natural and cultural tourism must be balanced with the development of gastronomy to attract more tourists to the waterfall.

The government plans to create tour packages featuring a series of unique waterfalls and savannas accompanied by various species of birds’ endemic to Sumba. In fact, Bird Life International classifies Sumba as an area with unique birds and butterflies found only on Sumba. Sumba is therefore an important island for bird conservation.

Combining these tourism possibilities gives operators the opportunity to develop ecologically and culturally based tourism. This is because the area around this waterfall has unique residential architecture, traditional villages, and Sumba beliefs that still adhere to the Marapu faith.

After that, the travel packages put together by the government will be coordinated with Indonesian travel agencies.

Did you know that the source of this waterfall is a cave hole? The natural surroundings of the stone cave are like the Amazon jungle. If other waterfalls come from big rivers, this one comes from a big cave hole.

Ways to Get There

The route to Lapopu waterfall starts at Waikabubak/Tambolaka and is about 30 kilometers long. The roads are well maintained, and motorcycles and cars can pass smoothly. The road is paved, but not too smooth, and is still passable for tourists.

After parking your car, you must continue your journey on foot. You have to walk along a path that is still made of dirt and stone. The sound of the waterfall also greets your feet. Afterwards, cross a simple bamboo bridge to reach this waterfall.

To reach the waterfall, you need to pass a lookout post and purchase a ticket for IDR 7,500 per person. When purchasing your ticket, you can ask the very friendly security guards for the location of this waterfall and more information.

When To Visit and Facilities

Although it is open 24 hours a day, the best time to visit the falls is between morning and evening.

This Sumba Falls tourist attraction has several public facilities, such as restrooms, changing rooms, and a parking lot.

If you want, you can take a private trip of Waturanda Trip to Lapopu Waterfall. There is promo for private trip Sumba. You will get many facilities from us which is very unfortunate if missed.

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