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Padar Island (waturandatrip.com)

The Beauty of Padar Island, Discovering Unique Nature in 2023

The Beauty of Padar Island, Discovering Unique Nature in 2023

Padar Island (waturandatrip.com)
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Would you agree to call Indonesia a ‘Treasure Land’?

Known as the nature wonder, Labuan Bajo and the neighboring archipelago are popular around the world. This area is also known for island hopping. One of its must-see islands in Komodo National Park is Padar Island, the an undeniable travel wish list.  

Padar Island is part of Komodo National Park. This tiny island is as exotic as Labuan Bajo. This island is so addictive that you will regret it if you miss the excitement on this island. So you should at least understand how to get there and what to see.

Let the journey begin!

If speedboat rental seems expensive, it’s easier to use a travel agency service that offers a complete package to sail Labuan Bajo. You can also consider joining an open trip with other travelers. That way, you’ll feel less overwhelmed when thinking about transportation, accommodation, food, and getting around the island.

By the way, the hunt for heaven isn’t over yet. Once anchored on the island, you’ll have to hike to the top for panoramic views. At this point, it takes about 30 minutes of trekking to complete the 5 degree incline.

What’s on Padar Island?

When it comes to nature, exoticism and well-being, this island has it all. The journey takes a little effort, but the end result is worth enough. You won’t regret the breathtaking views upon arrival. As mentioned, hike to the top of the hill and you’ll see why it’s called exotic.

The hills surrounding the sea and the sea itself are in harmony. If you visit during the rainy season, the entire hill is covered with grass and you can enjoy the beautiful scenery dyed in green and blue. It is very different when you come in the dry season as the hills are so dry that the green landscape turns into sandy land like a beautiful savannah.

The views create different ways to spoil your eye and soul. Also, if you plan to spend the evening, you can enjoy the beautiful orange sunset. Another great moment is to arrive early in the morning and wait for the sunrise. Everything feels so beautiful. If you don’t mind being exposed to the sun while trekking, you may not want to visit the island at noon.

Padar Island (waturandatrip.com)
Pict. 1. Afternoon in Padar Island

Go deeper into the sea that surrounds the island. Imagine the blue and green colors you see out of the water with white, pink and black sand by the ocean. Yes, the unique thing about Padar Island is that it has several different colored beaches. Amazing, right? If you’re a diving-loving ocean person, this is the place to dive and snorkel. This little paradise has amazing underwater landscapes with 2 fascinating dive sites.

Way to Get There

We need more time to enjoy the entire island and its beautiful neighbors. Due to the route and travel, we recommend spending about days exploring. From Denpasar, first fly to Labuan Bajo, which takes about 30 minutes. Once in Labuan Bajo, arrive at Lo Liang Dock on Komodo Island and transfer to Padar Island by speedboat in approximately 3 hours.

Can’t wait to savor the beautiful scenery of Padar Island? Remember, vacationing is not just about visiting and staying in destinations. Rather, it is about eliciting long-lasting memories. Read this article to discover more adventures in Labuan Bajo. This island is also looking forward to seeing you.

So, after reading this, have you decided to start your journey to discover Padar Island and meet the magnificent views mentioned above? If you haven’t you should definitely consider it, because we promise you it won’t disappoint you!

If you wanna immediately live on board in Labuan Bajo, you can choose our services here!

Padar Island (waturandatrip.com)
Pict. 7. Living on Board in Padar Island

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