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Visit Sumba in Ratenggaro Village (Waturandatrip.com)

The Beauty of Ratenggaro Village in 2023

The Beauty of Ratenggaro Village in 2023

Visit Sumba in Ratenggaro Village (Waturandatrip.com)
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Sumba Island is known for its stunning natural landscapes and unique culture. The island has many beautiful beaches, large waterfalls, and vast grasslands. In addition, most of the traditional villages remain in Sumba. Both can be found in the seaside village namely Ratenggaro village.

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Sumba certainly has many traditional villages. Most of them have a few traditional Sumba houses with thatched, high grass roofs. But Ratenggaro village is especially exceptional because it is located directly on the sea. Here’s everything you need to know about Ratenggaro Village, one of Sumba’s most beautiful villages.

Megalithic Tombs 

Megalithic tombs are one of the characteristics of Sumba villages, especially Ratenggaro village. Most graves look like large stone tables. Kings and warriors are buried here. There are hundreds of such graves in this village. More precisely, there are 30 graves in this village. Also, the tomb is not just a synthetic stone slab; it is also carved.

Unique Houses

Fig. 1. Unique House in Ratenggaro Village

As with all traditional villages in Sumba, there are also traditional Sumba houses namely uma mbatangu. Uma mbatangu means “peaky houses”. The traditional houses here are very easy to understand, as they are built with very high roofs in the middle. Also, Ratenggaro’s Uma is particularly higher compared to other houses in other Sumba villages.

“Ratenggaro” is composed of the Sumba words “rate” meaning “grave” and “nggaro” meaning “the tribe or people of Garo”. The name Ratenggaro derives from the ancient Sumba tribal wars, which resulted in genocide, and all war victims were buried in this ancient village. One of the characteristics of Ratenggaro village is clearly seen in the roof heights of the various houses, which range from 10 to 15 meters high and are determined by the social status of the village’s tribal owners.

These ancient theaters are divided into four different sections and functions. The lowest part of the house (under the steps of the house) is where the home owner raises and feeds their cattle and livestock, while the middle part of the house is dedicated to the owner’s living space. The house near the roof area is where the home owner stores groceries, and the highest part of the house in the roof area is where the home owner stores valuables and heritage (heirlooms, relics, bequests). They decorate their homes with cow horns and skeletons to symbolize their glory and show that they are following the traditional rituals of their ancestors.


Ratenggaro village is located in the southwest corner of Sumba Island. Administratively, the village is located in Umbu Ngedo, Kodi Bangedo, Southwest Sumba Regency, East Nusa Tenggara. The best way to reach the village is through a travel agency or by road. The road infrastructure to this village is already in place, but getting there requires a lot of preparation. In general, it is not recommended to travel to Ratenggaro by motorbike unless you are familiar with the area. 

Beautiful Panorama

Ratenggaro Village (Waturandatrip.com)
Fig. 2. Beautiful Panorama in Ratenggaro Village

Ratenggaro village is located on the south coast of Sumba Island. It is the mouth of a fairly large river. The panorama here is breathtaking. Not only is it easier on the eyes, it’s also better for the camera. Latin Gallo offers all photographers a great opportunity to capture beautiful pictures. There are many angles to capture the beauty of this village, even from the air.

Ratenggaro Beach, or Pantai Ratenggaro, is beautifully located next to the Ratenggaro Village, where travelers can enjoy the beauty of the white sands and experience horseback riding both in the neighborhood and on the beach. In the beach area, visitors can discover a 3-meter-tall tomb. This is the grave of the son of the founder of the old village. all these elements. Ancient villages, ancient tombs, and pristine white-sand beaches blend perfectly with natural wonders like no other.

Ratenggaro village is one of the most beautiful villages in Indonesia. This idyllic spot has a postcard-like panorama that cannot be seen anywhere else in the world. The perfect combination of beautiful coastline and traditional villages is what makes Latin America alluring.

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