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Manta Point Labuan Bajo (Waturandatrip.com)

Exploring The Miracle of Manta Point Labuan Bajo in 2023

Exploring The Miracle of Manta Point Labuan Bajo in 2023

Manta Point Labuan Bajo (Waturandatrip.com)
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Enjoying a vacation on the offshore is indeed one of the best ways to unwind. Especially if you’re snorkeling and conversing with underwater charms. This is the main attraction, especially for tourists who want to be closer to nature.

In Indonesia itself, there are several tourist attractions on the offshore with various aquatic animals. Manta Point Labuan Bajo is one of them that you can use as a reference for your vacation. Located in East Nusa Tenggara, this tour is never empty of local and foreign visitors.

This area, which is known as a hidden paradise with spectacular natural beauty, has a unique characteristic. Intrigued by the charm of this tour?

Manta Point Labuan Bajo Tourist Attraction

1. Hunting Photography

Manta Point Tourism is a destination that provides charming natural scenery. Particularly with its trademark, manta rays, which are very soothing to the eye when swimming in these waters. This is more complete with the natural scenery around it.

Of course, thanks to the interesting spots for photography, this location is perfect for capturing precious moments. You can capture the natural beauty of the tourist location through the camera shots you have. As a result, a group of manta rays and the scenery that surrounds them make your vacation feel more complete.

2. Manta Rays

Manta Rays at Manta Point Labuan Bajo (Waturandatrip.com)
Fig. 1. Manta Rays at Manta Point Labuan Bajo

This Manta Point tourist location is well known as the most appropriate location or site to witness manta rays. When visiting this one tourist location, the beauty of the Manta Ray can be seen directly. Stingrays, typical of eastern Indonesia, are indeed a special attraction for visitors, both local and foreign.

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3. Charming Underwater Scenery

Not only are you treated to manta rays, but visitors are also treated to marine wealth with coral reefs that are so captivating. As you already know, coral reefs have become one of the underwater habitats whose ecosystem is declining due to illegal installations and bombings.

But when you are at this tourist location, you will be treated to a variety of stunning natural charms with views that are still preserved in their natural habitat. To get a memorable experience, you can also bring a water camera to capture moments under the sea.

4. Jellyfish Colony

Apart from manta rays, it turns out that you will also find other marine life, such as jellyfish. This is because these jellyfish are the main food of the manta rays. When hunting for food, these fish will be in clusters, also known as colonies. That way, you can watch manta rays hunt jellyfish.

How to Get to the Location

To get to Manta Point Labuan Bajo, first of all, you must go to Komodo Island, NTT. More precisely, this area is right on the edge of the popular Liang area of Bali Island. At least, it takes six hours from Bali to arrive at this location. In order to reach it, ferries can be chosen as a mode of transportation.

Pink Beach near Manta Point Labuan Bajo.jpeg
Fig. 2. Pink Beach near Manta Point Labuan Bajo

You could say the location of this place is one of the most unique and interesting tourist destinations to visit in Labuan Bajo. Visitors can also take approximately 25 minutes from the Pink Beach location. You can go through this travel time if you access it by using a wooden ship.

Manta Point Labuan Bajo Vacation Ideas

  • If the atmosphere is not too crowded, it’s best to come at a time other than the holiday season.
  • Don’t forget to bring a camera to capture every holiday moment.
  • Don’t forget to bring toiletries and a change of clothes because this is a water tour.
  • Always comply with health protocols and keep tourist sites clean.
  • The underwater scenery presented by Manta Point can hypnotize every visitor. No wonder it is called a paradise for snorkeling and diving.

So, after reading this, have you decided to start your journey to discover Manta Point Labuan Bajo and meet the magnificent views mentioned above? If you haven’t you should definitely consider it, because we promise you it won’t disappoint you!

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Are you interested in coming to Manta Point, Labuan Bajo?

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