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Visit Sumba in Wairinding Hills

The Best Vacation Plan 2023: Wairinding Hill, Sleeping Giant in East Sumba

The Best Vacation Plan 2023: Wairinding Hill, Sleeping Giant in East Sumba

Visit Sumba in Wairinding Hills
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Have not all Indonesian tourists heard about the existence of Sleeping Giant Wairinding Hill in East Sumba Regency? This interesting mountain has recently become more popular due to its unique shape and pleasant atmosphere. The place is in Temu village, which belongs to Kanatang sub-district. As tourists might guess, the mountain is shaped like a sleeping giant! It is not only popular for its picturesque appearance, but this hill was also the filming location for the movie “Pendekar Tongkat Emas,” directed by Mira Lesmana.

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The Shade

Perhaps only Indonesian locals and passionate travelers have ever visited Wairinding Hill. However, as time passes, more and more tourists begin to arrive who are impressed by pictures or photos posted by locals on social media. As mentioned before, the mountain looks like a sleeping giant (covered with green plants and trees). However, there are no facilities on the mountain. This means that tourists can only find untouched environments and pristine panoramas there.

The Unique Sleeping Giant Wairinding Hill

Sleeping Giant Wairinding Hill looks similar to ordinary hills at first glance. But the unique shape makes it special and has attracted more visitors over time. This is because tourists like to take pictures of the mountain from afar and post the pictures on social media.

People can not only enjoy taking pictures, but they can also explore the destination and reach the top of the mountain by hiking. The view looks more fun from up there! It has quiet mountains and hills nearby! Not to mention the wind is so soothing, especially in the morning.

What’s Next?

The hill also becomes an ideal place to watch the sunrise or sunset. This is because there are no barriers on the site. Tourists should avoid rainy days because it is impossible to see such beautiful views without the sun. In addition, everyone must arrive either at dawn or dusk so as not to miss such a beautiful natural phenomenon.

Another important tip is that tourists should wear comfortable shoes and carry both snacks and bottled water. After all, the journey to the top of the mountain is considered tiring.

The next impressive feature of Sleeping Giant Wairinding Hill is the wide panorama of the savannah. In the rainy season, the color is green because it is covered with fertile grass. On the other hand, it can be yellow when grass and other plants start to dry due to the hot season (July–October).

Ways to Get There

From Kupang City, travelers must board a plane at El Tari International Airport and proceed immediately to Umbu Mehang Kunda Airport. The flight takes about 30 minutes, so you won’t get tired. After arriving in Waingapu City, tourists can use all local transportation services and go to the mountain via Adi Sucipto Street. The distance is 21.1 km, so the trip can take about 33 minutes.

The condition of the road leading to the site of Wairinding Hill is good; despite the winding road, it is already well paved. You will cross the Waingapu-Waikabubaki Trans Road, known as the “S” due to its winding topography. It takes about 30 to 45 minutes to get there by car.

The site of this hill is characterized by a roadside house and a small shop. Every tourist passing through the road pauses to take pictures and enjoy the beautiful and mesmerizing view of Wairinding Hill. Visitors can park their vehicles in the parking lot around the kiosk, which is also home to the local community. From there, visitors have to walk another 500 meters uphill.

Entrance Ticket Price

You don’t need to pay an entrance fee to enjoy the beauty of Wairinding Hill. However, each arriving guest must fill out a guest book and give money only for the well-being of the local community.

When visiting this hill, visitors are advised to bring food and especially drinks with them because the weather in East Sumba is very hot during the day.

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